About Vitilis

Sébastien Marquet, and Partner Isabelle Truchon, established Vitilis Œnology Wine Lab Services in the Summer of 2014. The lab idea came about after a growing realization that the Virginia Wine Industry, and other East Coast States could benefit greatly from the emergence of a wine analysis service geared towards helping winemakers get quick access to valuable, and reliable results. After years of research for the optimal analytical, precision instrument, Marquet, a veteran winemaker of 25 years, and Truchon, both active in the East and West Coast Wine Industry, acquired a modern FTIR technology, high performance, and flexible system, which allows for all essential Grape, Must, and Wine diagnostic panels.

Vitilis Œnology Lab Services provides friendly, and professional customer service, resources, secure website Client Login, short turn around time, and on-call weekend service to Virginia and all East Coast States.

Isabelle Truchon: 571.291.5988  /  Sébastien Marquet: 571.296.5115