Preparing Samples

Preparing your samples for analysis with Vitilis is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

Sending Samples Via Carrier

  1. Pull a minimum of 50 ml samples into a sterilized container, preferably a standing test tube, or small glass/plastic bottle. Make sure container is filled to near capacity. If you are sampling grapes, place grapes in small zip lock bag. Fill to half capacity.
  2. Label each wine/must/grape sample identifying the Winery Name, Lot number or wine id. Indicate the desired panel, or individual analyses requested for each sample. A Vitilis label sheet is available for your convenience in our Resources section. Note, that if you are on a Monthly Subscription plan, your sample will automatically provide you with a full panel of results (either a Grape Must Panel, Must Analyses Panel, or a Finished Wine Panel) a month.
  3. Store with a frozen ice pack in a tightly fitted box.
  4. Label your package to be delivered to:
    Vitilis OEnology Lab Services
    171 Lakeview Drive, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425
  5. Arrange for Pick up/Drop Off with your Carrier.

Dropping Off your Sample

  1. Prepare your sample/s as directed above in steps 1 and 2.
  2. Store your samples in a cooler with ice pack, or box with ice pack to keep them cool while driving.
  3. Drop off your sample at Vitilis headquarters, 2 miles off of Route 9 from the border of Virginia;

Vitilis OEnology Lab Services
171 Lakeview Drive, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425.
A small refrigerator is located by the white door of the Vitilis Lab entrance on left side (when facing the large side barn doors) in the driveway. Place your sample inside the refrigerator, and call or text Vitilis at 571-291-5988 to alert that a sample has been dropped off.

Courier Pick Up

Vitilis OEnology Lab Services provides a courier service to wineries located in Loudoun County Virginia. To arrange for Courier Pick Up with Vitilis, please contact Isabelle Truchon at, or telephone at 571.291.5988. A fee may be charged.