Grape/Must/Wine Analyses

Vitilis™ OEnology Lab Services offers Wine Analyses for grapes, must and wine. We believe that the basis of wine quality is the ability to consistently track the analytic chemistry of the product from harvest through the bottling line. Vitilis™ assists you in reaching your quality goals through quick, and easy access to valuable and reliable results…all year round.

Our service provides our customers with the choice to either order individual analysis or wine panels, or to sign up with our unique subscription based analyses structure.

Our subscription structure allows winery owners and winemakers to run analyses panels of a given winery’s total lots, every month, bringing analyses results on a regular basis, with substantial savings on yearly analytical costs.

To sign up for our services, read, select preferences, sign our Client Contract, and submit to Vitilis™. Then, send us your samples, it’s that simple!

Visit our Resources section to access our complete Fee Schedule and Client Contract.